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Adam Faro: International Criminal Defence Lawyer Testimonial: USA & Cambodia

Testimonial for Adam Faro Criminal Defence Lawyer Adam Faro at our Parramatta (Western Sydney) Office

Dear Adam

I just want to say thank you to yourself, Mel and to Phillip Gibson for the information you searched out for my son Stephen recently.

The readiness of your office to assist us, even after several years since the court case, was most appreciated.

From the information you provided, Stephen was granted a visa from the American Embassy in Phnom Penh, Cambodia last week and is now in USA to accompany his wife as they meet up with lots of family and friends.

Please advise Phillip that Stephen’s life has completely changed around since his criminal conviction and his divorce.

He is working in a Christian mission for orphan kids and dysfunctional families in Kep, Cambodia; he met his new wife Mandi there as she was the manager (Mandi was from the US); they are now married and his life has just blossomed.

We will always be thankful to Phillip and Phil Boulten, and later Peter Hamill, for the professional care they provided for Stephen.

Kind regards

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