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Amanda Pappas - Criminal Defence Lawyer

Amanda Pappas - Criminal Defence Solicitor

Amanda Pappas has dedicated her career to defending those charged with criminal offences. She is passionate about the law and her clients and is devoted to providing tactful and tailored legal advice to suit each individual’s circumstances.

Amanda appears regularly in the Children’s Court, Local Court and District Court for clients charged with traffic, summary and serious indictable offences. She is also experienced in making bail applications for her clients and understands the importance of one’s liberty while preparing for their court matter.

Amanda represents clients in defended hearings and sentence matters. She also runs appeal matters against conviction and/or sentence before the District Court.

Amanda also works closely instructing Criminal Defence Counsel in all jurisdictions including the Supreme Court and Court of Criminal Appeal for serious matters ranging from murder and indecent assault to drug offences and more.

Amanda has also appeared for clients in the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Amanda has a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Journalism which has given her the skills to become a creative legal advocate who thinks outside the box. Whilst studying law and journalism at university Amanda was a journalist for a prominent newspaper. Her past experience sees her apply lateral thinking and unique concepts in achieving the best outcome for the legal issues her clients face.

Amanda understands that the criminal process can seem complex and overwhelming to many people however with Amanda’s assistance the process becomes less daunting and more straightforward.

Should you require a solicitor do not hesitate to call Amanda on 1800 NOT GUILTY.

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