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If you are considering an appeal against a decision from a Local Court, District Court or Supreme Court, you should seek advice from our criminal law specialists – preferably an accredited criminal law specialist so that you can get appropriate advice about the process of an appeal, the likely costs and the potential outcomes. Time limits normally apply – so don’t delay.

There are different types of appeals:

  • appealing against severity of the sentence – known as a severity appeal or sentence appeal
  • appealing against conviction or finding of guilt – known as a conviction appeal
  • appealing against both conviction and severity – known as an all grounds appeal

Identify which court your matter was dealt with and go to the relevant page below:

Local CourtSeverity Appeal from Local Court and Conviction Appeal from Local Court

District CourtSeverity Appeal from District Court and Conviction Appeal after trial and Court of Criminal Appeal

Supreme CourtConviction Appeal after trial and Court of Criminal Appeal

Court of Criminal AppealHigh Court Appeals

If you want to discuss the merits of an appeal, before deciding whether to proceed, make an appointment to see one of our criminal defence lawyers or contact us using the contact form. We have criminal law specialists at both our Sydney and Parramatta offices. Call 1800 NOT GUILTY or fill in our contact form on this page and arrange a free conference with a solicitor today. Contact our specialists right now! 24-hour legal advice 7 days a week.

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