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Bridget Barnett: Criminal Defence Lawyer

Bridget Barnett - Solicitor

Bridget Barnett, a dedicated criminal defence lawyer, came to Nyman Gibson Miralis with an extensive practical understanding of the criminal justice system. Bridget worked for many years as Tipstaff to the Honourable Justice Peter Hidden AM in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. Her experience working with his Honour has given her a wide knowledge of the criminal law, practice and procedure and court room advocacy. This includes in depth knowledge about bail applications, serious indictable trials, sentencing, mental health proceedings, and appeals in the Court of Criminal Appeal.

Bridget works closely with Mr Phillip Gibson on complex cases with an international component, often involving allegations of corporate crime, as well as other complex criminal matters, where the clients receive the highest level of legal service. This experience in transnational criminal law reflects the growing importance of it in the firm's practice of law and the need for client to consult with experienced transnational criminal defence lawyers.

Since joining Nyman Gibson Miralis, Bridget has worked on a number of serious indictable trials. Those trials have included allegations of sexual assault and money laundering.

Bridget appears in the Local Court, the District Court and the Supreme Court instructing Criminal Defence counsel.

See this recent DUI (Driving Under the Influence) Testimonial for Bridget.

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