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Committal Hearing

A committal hearing is a hearing conducted in the Local Court to determine whether or not an accused person should be committed to stand trial.

The importance of a committal hearing, where appropriate, cannot be overstated.

Whether to hold a committal hearing or not is a question that should be left to an accredited criminal law specialist or at the very least a solicitor with considerable experience in criminal law. The question is answered based on experience, the contents of the brief of evidence, and the desired outcome of a committal hearing.

A committal hearing can be used for the purpose of having the charges dismissed and the accused person discharged without the need to go to trial by jury; or to gather evidence so that the accused person gets a fair trial; or to gather evidence to determine whether it is appropriate to continue to defend the matter or alternatively make application for a No Bill application to the Director of Public Prosecutions.

If you are charged with a matter that is strictly indictable or a table 1 offence – (or if you do not know what that means!) then you should seek immediate advice about whether application should be made for a committal hearing.

There is no right to have a committal hearing – application must be made that satisfies the legislative requirements applicable.

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