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Nyman Gibson Miralis criminal defence lawyers are specialists in representing people for criminal law matters. We have an accredited criminal law specialist as well as a team of criminal lawyers in Sydney who are available to provide you with legal advice 24 hours 7 days a week.

It does not matter where you live in NSW. Our criminal law experts travel all over the State. Click through to the Courts that we attend.

We are ready to represent you in the Local Court, Children’s Court, District Court, Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeal and the High Court of Australia. We also appear at the NSW State Parole Authority hearings, Police Integrity Commission, NSW Crime Commission and Australian Crime Commission, Royal Commissions, Coronial Inquests, Coronial Inquiries, and the Independent Commission Against Corruption. We may even be able to represent you in courts out of NSW and the ACT, due to legislation enacted to enhance mobility for solicitors who want to practice in multiple States or Territories throughout Australia, which means it is generally not necessary to obtain a separate practicing certificate in each State or Territory. 

The type of work that our solicitors do includes legal representation for pleas of guilty, defended hearing, bail applications, weekend bail applications, sentencing, severity appeals, conviction appeals, all grounds appeals, jury trial, public hearings, public inquiries and much more.

Nyman Gibson Miralis handle privately funded cases as well as Legal Aid matters. Everyone is entitled to benefit from our criminal law expertise, be they rich or poor.

Chances are that if you see it on the news or read it in the paper or on a news web site, our firm has some involvement. Our criminal lawyers have appeared on A Current Affair, Today Tonight, all television news programs and shows like Australian Story. Our solicitors have also featured in newspapers and radio programs.

Don't take chances with your future, your income and your freedom. If you need a criminal lawyer, see one of our specialists for expert advice, preparation and presentation of your case. All of our lawyers practice exclusively in criminal law

If you need advice from a criminal defence lawyer, contact one of our criminal law specialists immediately at either our Sydney or our Parramatta offices. Call 1800 NOT GUILTY or fill in our contact form on this page and arrange a free conference with a solicitor today. Contact our specialists right now! 24-hour legal advice 7 days a week.

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