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Police Radar offences, speeding offences

Author: Adam Faro Criminal Defence Lawyer Adam Faro at our Parramatta (Western Sydney) Office

Represented by Adam Faro

The Facts: Allegedly caught by radar speeding doing 96 km/h in a 60 zone

The Result: Dismissed. The radar operator was not properly trained in the use of radar and there was no guarantee that the evidence was accurate.

This type of offence carries a mandatory 3 month disqualification period on conviction or a 3 month suspension period upon payment of an infringement notice.

The client denied point blank driving over 90 km/h. There are guidelines on how radar is to be set up and used – we have repeatedly shown that some radar operators are not trained in accordance with the guidelines. Sometimes radar is used in circumstances where it should not be – on a bend, in rain, on a hill etc.

If you want to challenge a police radar ticket, you really need expert help of one of our traffic law specialists. We have the knowledge regarding operating guidelines, operator training, Australian Standards, calibration and much more. For advice from a specialist with experience, Call 1800 NOT GUILTY now.

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