Resist Arrest charges / Fail to Quit Licensed Premises , Costs awarded

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Resist Arrest charges, Fail to Quit Licensed Premises charges, costs awarded

Downing Centre Local Court

Represented by Solicitor and Accredited Specialist Criminal Law


Our client was charged with one count of Failing to Leave Licenced Premises and one count of Resist Police Officer in Execution of Duty.

The offences arose out of an incident that occurred in an inner-city pub one evening. Police entered the pub to conduct a routine premises check. Upon entry, the Police allege that they saw our client sitting with friends at a table in the beer garden. According to Police, our client was asleep. Our client was asked to leave the premises and began slowly collecting his belongings. He took one last sip of his beer and the Police officer grabbed him forcefully and hauled him out of the beer garden. At this point the Police officer alleged that our client struggled and tried to pull away from their restraint. Our client sustained a dislocated thumb as a result of the police restraint upon him. He denied that he ever tried to resist and that he was attempting to leave as directed.

Following the incident, our client’s friend was charged with Assault Police and Hinder Police. Nyman Gibson Miralis acted for both clients.

Case Result

The matter went to hearing at the Downing Centre Local Court, where it was heard over two days along with the co-accused. Evidence was presented by two police witnesses, the co-accused and one defence witness.

Following intense cross examination by our solicitor, the Magistrate determined that the reliability of the evidence given by the Police officers in court was questionable. The Magistrate held that he was not satisfied to the requisite standard that any of the offences could be made out. The Magistrate found both defendants Not Guilty for all of the offences.

An application for costs was made against the police pursuant to the Costs in Criminal Cases Act 1967. This was ultimately successful, and our client was awarded costs.

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