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We distinguish here between Local Court pleas and sentencing proceedings in the District or Supreme Court. For Local Court matters, see our Plea of Guilty page.

In the District, the time constraints are entirely different from the Local Court.  Decisions have to be made about whether or not you, as the client, should give evidence. Evidence might also be called from experts such as doctors, psychiatrists or psychologists, as well as character witnesses who can attest to prior excellent character.

Generally, the stakes are significantly higher in the District or Supreme Court, but not necessarily for example where the sentencing proceedings are in relation to an appeal from the Local Court.

Having a criminal law specialist look after your matter is simply common sense.  Why would you take the risk with something so important?

We assist with all preparation, advice on character evidence material and can answer your questions and concerns. We can also advise if the use of a criminal barrister is warranted, depending on such matters as the nature of the offence, and the various legislative provisions in the sentencing legislation.; We have access to sentencing statistics and applicable case law.

You would not ask your local doctor to perform an operation upon you. If your problem is serious, consult one of our criminal law experts without delay. Your first conference is free.

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