Severity Appeal for Drive Manner Dangerous charges

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Severity Appeal for Drive Manner Dangerous charges

Case Facts: Client was charged with Driving in a manner dangerous when he accelerated too harshly around a corner, lost traction with the ground for 100 meters and then lost control of the vehicle sliding 360 degrees and crashing into a tree on a suburban road.

The car was written off and the client was hospitalised for 3 days. The client was convicted in the Local Court after hearing and was disqualified from driving for 12 months fined $1200 and ordered to pay Court costs of $76.

Case Result – We appealed the severity of the sentence at Parramatta District Court. A number of submissions were made to the Judge including his good driving history for 20 years and his strong need for a licence.

The Judge agreed and dismissed the matter under s 10 and placed the client under a good behaviour bond for 2 years.

This means the client:

- Did not lose his licence for 12 months

- Did not have to pay the fine of $1200

Driving in a Manner Dangerous is a very serious criminal offence. As a ‘first offence’ it carries a maximum $2200 fine, maximum gaol term of 9 months and an automatic disqualification period of 3 years. For advice as to how to defend these matters or mitigate the sentences, contact  one of our solicitors who have vast experience defending charges of Driving in a Manner Dangerous.

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