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Speed Camera offence

The Facts of the Case:

Allegedly caught by a speed camera

The Result:

We do so many of these types of matters that we can advise you on your prospects of defending a prosecution for an alleged speed camera offence depending on your personal circumstances.

The law is forever tightening to make it more difficult for people to challenge these types of matters.

This firm has successfully challenged speed camera prosecutions for a variety of reasons over the years, including:

  • calibration problems;
  • lack of service;
  • an absence of pisos in the road;
  • failure to use the correct length algorithm (32 bit);
  • failure to use the proper letters numerals and symbols in an algorythm;
  • incorrect lane markings;
  • incorrect matching of registration details to a number plate
  • and best of all – photos of vehicles stuck in traffic jams allegedly speeding.

Our speed camera experts and criminal law specialists have taken the RMS (when it was known as the Roads and Traffic Authority, or RTA) to the Supreme Court on a number of occasions over speed camera issues. We successfully took on the RTA in relation to the Lane Cove Tunnel fiasco and the 2 speed cameras on King Georges Road, Beverly Hills which resulted in thousands of speeding tickets being withdrawn.

Our reputation for excellence and success in defending these matter resulted in the Government spending millions of dollars on private law firms to prosecute these matters – especially where our firm was appearing for the accused person – taking the case away from the traditional police prosecutors.

If you have a speed camera matter and want expert advice from a traffic lawyer, contact one of our traffic law specialists immediately at either our Sydney or our Parramatta offices. Call 1800 NOT GUILTY or send our contact form on this page and arrange a free conference with a solicitor today. Contact our specialists right now! 24-hour advice 7 days a week.

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