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Suspended Driving / Drive While Suspended charges

Author: Adam Faro Criminal Defence Lawyer Adam Faro at our Parramatta (Western Sydney) Office

Waverley Local Court

Represented by Adam Faro, criminal defence lawyer


The client had been sentenced at Hornsby Local Court only a week previously for the same offence, being a suspension due to loss of demerit points - receiving a dismissal under section 10, and no disqualification. The client was caught driving whilst returning from a friend’s residence, and was charged with driving whilst suspended. The client faced the probability of being called up and convicted for the previous offence, and given an accumulative disqualification for the latter offence, potentially meaning a total disqualification for three years.


The Magistrate chose not to take any action for the previous drive whilst suspended offence, although did record a conviction for the second offence. The net result was a disqualification for 12 months only, rather than the three years which could have been imposed.

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