Truth Sets Offender Free In Historic Sexual Assault Case

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Truth Sets Offender Free In Historic Sexual Assault Case

Author: Phillip GibsonCriminal Defence Lawyer Phillip Gibson at our Sydney Office

Sydney District Court

Represented by Solicitor: Phillip Gibson, Accredited Specialist Criminal Law 

Case Facts:

The client was charged with a number of various sexual offences dating back to the 1980’s all upon the one person who had disclosed the offending behaviour not long after it happened, to a teacher, who reported the matter with no criminal action taken.  The complainant made a complaint some 21 years later.  The complainant had a difficult upbringing and experienced mental health and drug issues.  

Case Result

The client was remarkably honest and admitted his guilt to some of the offences.  A plea bargain occurred and the matters moved from the Local Court to the District Court at Sydney for sentence. 

Ordinarily a person would expect imprisonment for such crimes.  However the saying “the truth shall set you free” came true.  The learned Judge found that the client exhibited an unusually frank degree of honesty.  The offences were quite old.  Remorse was genuine, and attempts had been made by the client to look after the interests of the complainant.  He had remained friends with the complainant for much of the time since the offending behaviour. 

Ultimately, he received a serious of concurrent suspended prison sentences. He was extremely happy with the result.  Fortunately, he accepted the advice of his lawyer, an accredited specialist in criminal law. 

Part of the role of a criminal defence lawyer is to stand up for the unpopular.  Everyone deserves legal representation.

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