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White Collar Crime and Corporate Crime

White collar crime is a broad term that includes offences such as corporate crime, fraud, bribery including foreign bribery, insider trading, embezzlement, taxation offences, money laundering and other dishonesty related offences which may be prosecuted by the Australian Tax Office (ATO), the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and the Commonwealth DPP (CDPP)

Nyman Gibson Miralis has specialists in criminal law who have the specialised knowledge, experience and expertise to tackle all cases of White Collar and corporate Crime. That is why we won the Global Law Experts 2016 Award for Best White Collar Criminal Lawyer in Australia.White Collar Crime: Criminal Defence Lawyers, Sydney & Parramatta

These offences carry significant penalties – ranging from substantial fines through to lengthy terms of imprisonment. The courts treat White Collar Crime seriously, since its detection is elusive at best and often encompasses a breach of trust by a person in a position of authority, often with devastating financial outcomes for a company, shareholder, investor or the like.

The penalties upon conviction for white collar crime normally involve a component of specific deterrence to stop the individual from committing such an offence again, and general deterrence so as to deter others from committing such offences – thus inexperienced representation may lead to devastating results.

Representing clients for White Collar Crime offences and investigations necessitates a comprehensive understanding of the operations and subliminal underlying aspects of the ATO, ICAC and ASIC. It also requires extensive knowledge and understanding of the myriad of legislation which provides the powers and the ways in which investigative bodies are permitted to investigate and conduct their prosecutions.

In recent times, ASIC and the ATO have been granted additional powers by the Government to combat White Collar Crime. These powers include executing search warrants, surveillance powers and powers to compulsorily examine witnesses – such include the absence of a right against self-incrimination (a standardised right in ordinary criminal proceedings granted under the respective Uniform Evidence Acts under each jurisdiction). These subtle nuances to your rights are the areas where our lawyers have experience.

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